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That's my style

Le Zebre
11 April

alright, so it's time to finally re update this. so right now, I'm going to funky chicken to get some HTML codes that I can use to spiff this up. woot.
I'm not all teen angsty like a lot of people, I try to be optimistic, and as far as I'm concernrd, life is, well pretty good.
so, I'm currently 16, I got to Dupont Manual, and I'm kinda spazzy. in that good way.
And my name is Alex
I'm kinda hard to miss, if I may say so, but I have had random people in the street recongnise me, so whatever.
umm... my journal is open, up to a certain point. then it became freinds only. if you want to be on my freinds list, make sure that
A) I know you (well-ish)
B) you have commented on one of my entries
till l8r. (I'm so haXor)
also, my typing tends to have lots of typos. (hey, that's fun to say! <-and that rhymed!) just thought I'd tell you!

Here's a link to my facebook

my pet!
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